4th annual Yale Microscopy Workshop

4th annual Yale Microscopy Workshop

Postby arunraje on Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:38 am

Hello fellow microscopy enthusiasts,

We invite you to participate in a three day symposium and workshop.

Yale Microscopy Workshop
June 9 - 11th, 2009
New Haven, CT

free on-line and on-site registration
walk-in clinics, demonstrations and open access microscopes
multi vendor participation

This free annual event is a combination of symposia, hands-on classes and open access to a wide variety of microscopes. It is open to the broader regional research community and only requires registration. Please visit the website for a complete schedule and list of equipment http://microscopy.med.yale.edu

During afternoon symposia, academic investigators will present inspirational research employing emerging and traditional microscopy. The wet-bench classes are linked to the symposia with a thematic technique or application. This year's symposia and class theme is "Imaging Development". A short lecture and hands-on practical "micro-course" will be offered on time resolved imaging and cell tracking with fluorescent Drosophila embryos. This will be coupled with instruction in post-acquisition image analysis using Imaris, Volocity, or MetaMorph software.

Attendees may use any of a large number of microscopes throughout the day provided by Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Olympus or LaVision. A wide variety of microscopes will be available for use, including confocal LSMs, a laser microdissector, and fluorescent stereo microscopes. The confocal microscopes include all of the recently released instruments that have generated much interest on this listserv. This year we are fortunate to also have 2 fully functional two-photon systems made by LaVision and Zeiss and equipped with Coherent lasers.

One hour reservations can be made for many of the instruments after registration. View this as an opportunity to perform a "surgical strike" exploration of new instrumentation or techniques without any financial or time commitments. Please feel free to come for advice from vendor representatives or to try out a microscope even if you are not attending a class or a seminar.

Slides and live cell samples will be available for use but feel free to bring your own samples. Individuals interested in bringing their own samples should contact:

Ann Haberman, Organizer

Derek Toomre, Co-organizer

Yale Microscopy Workshop and Symposium Schedule
Tuesday June 9th
Afternoon symposium: Imaging Development Part I
Lynn Cooley, Ph.D.
Department of Genetics
Yale University

Allan Spradling, Ph.D.
Department of Embryology
Carnegie Institution

Super Resolution Approaches
Tony Kanachanawong
Laboratory of Cell and Tissue Morphogenetics
Wednesday June 10th
Morning lecture and hands-on practical
"Choosing imaging parameters for time resolved imaging of live samples for cell tracking"
Bill Mohler
Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology
UConn Health Center

Hands-on practical: 4D imaging of fluorescent Drosophila embryos

Small group sessions of post acquisition analysis for cell tracking
with Imaris, Volocity or MetaMorph

Afternoon symposium: Focus on 4D time resolved imaging
Marc Hammarlund, Ph.D.
Department of Genetics
Yale University

Scott Fraser, Ph.D.
Department of Applied Physics
California Institute of Technology

Jan Huisken, Ph.D.
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Thursday June 11th

Additional small group practicals on 4D imaging
No scheduled symposium.
Continued access to all instrumentation throughout the day, as is the case on Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

Ann Haberman, Ph.D. Derek Toomre, Ph.D.
In Vivo Imaging Facility, Director CINEMA facility, Director

Department of Laboratory Medicine Department of Cell Biology
Yale University School of Medicine Yale University School of Medicine
300 Cedar Street 333 Cedar Street
TAC S541 SHM-C227/229
New Haven, CT 06510 New Haven, CT 06510

203-785-7349 (office) (203) 785-4319 (office)
203-785-5415 (fax) (203) 785-3559 (fax)
ann.haberman@yale.edu derek.toomre@yale.edu
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