Journals of Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics/Computational Dynamics

Journals of Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics/Computational Dynamics

Postby Mradulnitk on Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:25 pm

Hello Dear friends & Research Enthusiasts 8-) ,

If you are on this forum & reading the topics then I'm sure that you are surely interested in the field of Research i.e. interested in the very interesting field of PIV, PDV, fluid dynamics, experimental methods, experimental Aerodynamics.

Even i'm interested in the field of Experimental methods So,I made the compiled list of Journals of Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics and experimental methods. i included the link for the journals and also gave a short description for them. I''m aataching the the list of journals here. So, just please go through this. Hope it'll help you too and saves your lot of time in finding the Research papers, articles in the journals.

Well about myself. I'm Research Enthusiast like you basically an engineering student of NITK Surathkal, just completed my 2nd year (Mechanical Engg).

Please do reply about this compiled list of journals and let me know that whether it helped you?.

Good Luck :)

Thanks & Regards,
Mradul Yadav
(NITK Surathkal)
Final list of Journals.pdf
List of journals of Fluid Mechanics/Fluid Dynamics/Aerodynamics/Computational fluid dynamics
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